Shock is bad

Shock is bad to the human body. Shock transfers from your arches to your ankles then shins then knees hips lower and upper back. Shock can even lead to headaches. The best way to eliminate is to wear shock absorbing shoes. My preference is New Balance. The foam is so light and supportive. I like the wider sizes for my patients with wider feet. Orthotics can be custom made and are covered by most insurances. For starters try Superfeet Orthotics. The blue are the most versatile and can fit into almost every shoe after the original Insoles are taken out. When sandals are preferred I like Oofos. They are the thickest lightest and widest sandals. With the combination of New Balance, Superfeet and Oofos, your shock will be dramatically reduced. Your whole body will feel better after most of the shock is reduced. 

Henry R. Tseng, D.P.M.

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Many of my patients get gouty attacks. It’s typical for men ages 20-60 after a weekend of drinks, shellfish and red meat. The typical symptoms are a hot red swollen toe joint that can be treated with oral meds or a pain injection.


As a podiatrist the worst thing that I see is gangrene. The end result usually ends in an amputation. The key is education and prevention and proper care to stop gangrene.

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