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Stretching Exercises for Plantar Fasciitis

All it takes is 15-20 minutes everyday to control and prevent plantar fasciitis - inflammation of the plantar fascia. 

(1). Water Bottle Stretch:

Using a plastic water bottle filled with water, place in freezer until frozen. Then place water bottle on hard floor and roll foot toe to heel over the bottle for 15 minutes everyday. This will help decrease inflammation and relieve tightness in the plantar fascia. 

(2). Towel Stretch:

Using a normal-sized bath towel, roll towel into thin roll horizontally. While sitting down, place towel under one foot’s toes. Then straighten knee while holding onto towel with both hands. Stretch toes back and hold for 1 minute. Then switch feet and hold for 1 minute. This will eliminate tightness in the Achilles tendon and plantar fascia. 

(3). Wall Stretch:

Lean your body against a wall using your hands to support your weight. Spread legs apart one forward and one backward. With both feet flat on the ground lean forward and bend front knee. Do not lift heel of either feet. Hold stretch still, do not bounce. Hold for 1 minute then switch feet. This will help alleviate tightness in the hamstring, calf, and plantar foot muscles, tendons and plantar fascia.

Henry R. Tseng, D.P.M.

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