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Henry Tseng, DPM

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Limb salvage is a procedure used in cases of traumatic injuries or complications from disease or infection that involves making critical repairs to prevent amputation. As a board-certified foot and ankle surgeon with extensive training in complex limb salvage procedures, Henry Tseng, DPM, can restore your limb and help you throughout every step of your rehabilitation at his private practice, Dr. Henry Tseng. You can book your limb salvage consultation at the West Covina or Alhambra, California, clinic locations, either online or over the phone.

Limb Salvage

What is limb salvage?

Thanks to advancements in medical technology and modern surgical techniques, limb salvage can save your skin, bones, and connective tissues and dramatically reduce your risk of amputation. Depending on your specific diagnosis, limb salvage can involve:

  • Repairing bones, possibly with allograft bone replacement
  • Removing tumors or damaged or gangrene tissues
  • Restoring blood flow and vascular health
  • Grafting tissues or transferring muscles
  • Fusing or realigning joints

Your limb salvage procedure is a reconstructive lower limb surgery that’s entirely personalized to you — no two procedures are the same. 

Is limb salvage right for me?

At the office of Dr. Henry Tseng, you can expect compassionate limb salvage care starting with your first appointment. Dr. Tseng examines your injury, looks over your previous medical history, and talks with you about your best course of treatment and limb salvage outcome. Limb salvage may be right for you if you have:

  • Gangrene
  • Crush injuries
  • Diabetic ulcers
  • Peripheral vascular disease
  • Cancer or abnormal growths, like sarcomas

The goal of your limb salvage procedure from the office of Dr. Henry Tseng is to restore your foot, ankle, or lower leg and help you return to full stability and function. Dr. Tseng wants to help you to be able to walk on your own two feet again. 

How long is the recovery after limb salvage?

It’s going to depend on the extent of your underlying condition and how complex your limb salvage surgery may be. Usually, you need to plan on staying in the hospital for a couple of nights for observation. Dr. Tseng typically has you wear a removable boot or splint, in addition to using crutches, for at least several weeks.  

Once your surgical wounds have healed, you can often begin rehabilitation. The purpose of physical therapy after limb salvage is to promote healing, restore your range of motion, and build up your strength. It’s common to be in physical therapy a few times each week for several months after limb salvage surgery.

Book your limb salvage evaluation at the office of Dr. Henry Tseng today. You can conveniently book a visit online or you can call your nearest office directly to schedule.